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Which is better PTFE or rubber hose

The hoses used by different mechanical equipment are different and can be divided into many types according to their types. In this article, let’s talk about which one is better, Teflon hose or rubber hose? If you have the same doubts, read on.


Let me tell you, these two tubes have their own advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different fields. When we compare them, we should not look at which one is better, but which one is more suitable for us. Only the one that suits us is the best. An example.

While PTFE hose do not have the same flexibility as rubber, they are highly resistant to most chemicals and generally do not emit fumes, which is important for any type of enclosed space. This chemical resistance also means that PTFE hose breaks down much more slowly than rubber hose. Of course, in some areas, rubber hose has more advantages than PTFE hose.

After answering the question Which is better PTFE or rubber hose, I believe you already know how to choose? Maybe you still have doubts at this time, so you might as well consult a professional PTFE hose manufacturer. I believe we will be able to give you a satisfactory answer.

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